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The Solution to Shallow Pumping Conditions
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PUMP-RITE Screens are non self-cleaning screens that outperform self-cleaning screens in certain applications. When it comes to debris accumulation and shallow water depths, the simplistic, durable design of the Pump-Rite Screen makes it an excellent choice that allows you to be compliant with N.M.F.S. (National Marine Fisheries Service) since it is "fish friendly".

We are proud to offer many sizes of screens and adapter  combinations that have all been proven to operate in extremely shallow submergence.

This lends itself to being an excellent shallow water pump screen which helps you meet the high demands of difficult pump sites.

to download the complete U.S. Bureau of Reclamation analysis report of testing performed on our screens  (PDF format)
       FEATURES:        BENEFITS:
  • 20 gauge perforated stainless steel screen with .075" screen openings with a unique 50% open area

  • Rugged quick couple fittings

  • All stainless fasteners

  • Componentized for simple assembly and disassembly (no tools required)

  • Low velocity screen entrance is designed to minimize vortexing and debris accumulation

  • Internal baffle to balance approach velocity which eliminates excessive "hot spots".

  • Many adapters available to attach to different sizes of suction pipes, hoses, or foot valves.

  • All adapters are hot dipped galvanized for long life.

  • Meets N.M.F.S. (National Marine Fisheries Service) screening criteria where applicable

  • Qualifies for state assisted cost share and tax credit programs where applicable

  • Is durable and built to last

  • Is a passive screen with no moving parts to maintain or replace

  • Can operate in 15" of water at 1,000GPM (smaller units can operate in less depth)

  • Was developed specifically for shallow pumping conditions. (No need to "pocket" or dig a hole to install your suction screen on an annual basis.)

  • Handles debris in swift moving currents extremely well

  • Will not collapse in the event of screen plugging

Pump-Rite Screens are warranted for one year from the date of original sale to be free of defective materials and workmanship when used within the working specifications for which the product was designed under normal use and service. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for installation, removal or unauthorized repair. The manufacturer’s liability under this warranty is limited solely to replacement or repair of defective parts and the manufacturer will not be liable for any crop or other consequential damages resulting from any defect or breach of warranty.

This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purposes and all other obligations or liabilities of the manufacturer. No agent, employee or representative of the manufacturer has authority to waive, alter or add to the provisions of this warranty, nor to make any representations or warranty not contained herein.
NOTE: Extensive, accelerated corrosion to the point of internal screen failure occurs to aluminum when copper-bearing material such as copper-based fungicides, algaecides or fish emulsions are applied through aluminum pipe. Under these conditions extensive and irreversible accelerated corrosion damage can occur. This type of damage is not considered to be normal wear and tear.

Contact your local authorized Pump-Rite dealer before installing in these conditions. A powder coated balance tube can be custom ordered to operate longer in such conditions. Please call for details




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